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Patented VESIsorb® technology is clinically proven to provide up to 6X more bioavilability via multiple PK studies measured in human subjects.† VESIsorb® is the leading delivery system innovation for dramatically improving the bioavailability of poorly absorbed ingredients. Since 2007, close to 200 million consumers in all six major continents have safely and effectively used a VESIsorb® formula. As a lipid-based formula, VESIsorb® naturally self-assembles on contact with an aqueous phase into a colloidal system (also called “association colloid”) that mimics the physiological mixed micellar absorption pathway.

The patented VESIsorb® delivery system is a naturally self-assembling colloidal droplet delivery system that has been clinically proven to increase absorption of bioactives used in nutritional supplements, food and beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. VESIsorb®, a lipid-based formulation that naturally self-assembles on contact with an aqueous phase into a colloidal system (so called “association colloid”), mimics the physiological mixed-micellar absorption pathway of nutritional lipids.

Micelles vs. Liposome vs. Colloidal Droplet Delivery System

CoQ10 Study - Compelling Scientific Evidence

VESIsorb® optimal absorption and increased bioavailability is a 3 step process

It is known that poorly water soluble drugs, e.g. fat soluble vitamins are better absorbed when administered after a meal containing fat. One of the reasons for the improved absorption is the enhanced drug solubilization by bile salt mixed micelles, formed from the digestion products of dietary triglycerides (monoglyceride and fatty acids) and bile – a tool developed by nature.

Step 1

Formation of the colloidal delivery system. When mixed with an aqueous system, this unique lipid-based formulation naturally forms a self-assembling colloidal delivery system containing solubilized bioactive. A colloidal droplet is typically less than 100nm in diameter and consists of a monolayer with the phytocannabinoids and other bioactive within its core.

Step 2

Diffusion of the colloidal system across the unstirred water layer

Step 3

Transfer of the solubilized cannabinoids and other bioactive to the absorptive surface of the intestine.

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